Ficus Lyrata

It needs a lot of light, it resists well even to direct sun.


From May to September 2 times a month with complete liquid fertiliser.


They are watered abundantly in summer while the quantities of water are reduced in winter.

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VP/17 H= 80 CM
VP/19 H= 100 CM
VP/21 H= 90 CM
VP/32 H= 160 CM

Native to West Africa with large, oval, dark green leaves with wavy margins.

The night temperature must not drop below 16-18 °C, the daytime temperature can reach 24-26 °C.

Ficus Lyrata, known as violin or lyre leaf fig, is a plant that has lately been enjoying great success in terms of interior design.
Its bush shape with broad leaves and at the same time the elegant slim stem, adds personality to the rooms without overwhelming them.