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Floramiata is a point of reference for all green lovers

Floramiata, leader in the production of indoor plants, was founded almost 40 years ago, in an area where green is part of the dreamy landscape: Piancastagnaio, a small Sienese town that overlooks not only Tuscany, but also Umbria and Lazio.

In Evidence


Native plant of Brazil, from varieties amoena and maculata are derived all the coltivations on the market.


Cultivated plants derive from selections of south american species. The minimal winter temperature is 13°-16°c .


It’s an arboreal plant native of damp tropical areas


Native plant of Colombia and Venezuela

Anthurium Andreanum

Native plant of central America, easily adaptable to apartement life

Sustainable grown plants

Floramiata magazine


The power of plants

23 September 2019

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