Ficus Bonsai Ginseng

Place it in a bright place, also at direct sunlight


Give it a good bonsai fertilizer for all the year, dimezate the quantities in December and January and in July and August avoid fertilizers that are excessively nitrogen-rich that favor a developement of large leaves.


It needs regular watering but water only when the soil is dry. Do not abound with water to avoid rot.





Gr.250 CP/18 H= 45 CM
Gr.500 CP/26 H= 50 CM
Gr.1000 CP/32 H= 60 CM
S-Type CP/35 H= 90 CM
S-Type CP/45 H= 120 CM

It is a species of tropical Ficus, belonging to the Moraceae family, which for tradition is cultivated with bonsai, being durable, easely adapt to the interior conditions of an apartment but is quite rare in nature. It’s a very malleable plant and easy to maintain, with a very large, sinuous, twisted and extremely wide trunk. The foliage is very wide, leafy and shaded. In nature it reaches impressive sizes, while in cultivation it does not exceed 3 meters.