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Floramiata, a point of reference for all green lovers

Floramiata, leader in the production of indoor plants, was founded almost 40 years ago, in an area where green is part of the dreamy landscape: Piancastagnaio, a small Sienese town that overlooks not only Tuscany, but also Umbria and Lazio.

In this marvellous corner of Tuscany, we cultivate 60 different plant species in our greenhouses, completely heated by geothermal energy. Floramiata is a reference point for all green enthusiasts, a serious and qualified partner that pays attention to market developments.

The Meristematic Multiplication Centre is a flagship of the company, it is engaged in continuous research and development of innovative production techniques.


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Greenhouses heated with geothermal energy

a short movie produced by Floramiata and directed by Pierpaolo Camilli


The story of Floramiata begins in the mid-1970s, when the cinnabar mining industry for the production of mercury went into crisis due to the unacceptable effects it was having on the environment and health. The floriculture company began thanks to a plan devised by ENI for reconversion of the mining activity. The idea was to use the same geothermal steam that gave rise to the metal deposits to produce electrical and thermal energy to heat greenhouses and ornamental plants of tropical origin, thereby turning the former miners into floriculturists.
The idea was simple and effective, and the project is still alive today. Over 100 workers are employed in an economically virtuous and ecologically sustainable initiative for the entire area, where mineral extraction has been replaced with a growth opportunity in harmony with nature.

The film, through the testimonies of former miners, technicians and with the evocative images of mining sites and greenhouses, traces the history of that area of the Val d'Orcia where, at the beginning of the last century, there was an economic renaissance thanks to the cinnabar mining and mercury distillation; only later, unfortunately, was it discovered that this mining activity has an unacceptable impact on the environment and health. Hence the narration of the closure of the mines and the plans to use the same geothermal steam that gave rise to the metal deposits, to produce electricity and heat that still today heats 23 hectares of greenhouses, where ornamental plants of delicate and particular cultivation grow; successful enterprise, which has offered work to former miners and new development opportunities for the whole valley.


On March 25, 2022, as part of the acquisition of company shares, the transfer of shares of Findeco Spa, Lms Energia Srl, and Dainelli Romano's capital in Floramiata Srl was completed in favor of Gabe Srl, while the transfer of shares from Floricoltura Bisceglia was finalized on March 31, 2023. Therefore, starting from April 1, 2023, Gabe Srl is the sole shareholder of Floramiata Srl - Agricultural Company, holding 100% of the shares.

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Meet The Team

The people who work at Floramiata are the most important resource for facing the challenges of the present and ensuring development in the future. The experience of our staff and our investment in youth are the keys of our success, to ensure constant development of the company. 150 employees works here


The quality control of products intended for the market is based on careful choice of the batches ready for sale. Only plants that meet the ornamental size and quality standards laid down by precise guidelines are classified as Extra. These are collected from the cultivation pallets, packaged and sent to the shipping department.

The delivery of the plants is carried out at a controlled temperature to all parts of Italy in a maximum of 48 hours from reception of the order. Longer but accurately assessed times are required for sales in Europe. The rapid dispatch of orders, promptness of service and monitoring of transport conditions ensure that the customer receives the goods in a short time and in conditions of maximum freshness.