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Piancastagnaio 03/09/2018

Friday, August 31, on the occasion of the 200 years since the beginning of the Italian geothermal activity, the Amiata company has told its story through a short film of its production

Applause for “Earth Generation”, the short film produced by Floramiata, directed by Pierpaolo Camilli, presented Saturday, August 31, at the Festival of the Island of Rome. The flowering company of Piancastagnaio, producer of tropical plants through the use of geothermal heat, has been the successful protagonist of the initiative “The Green Island – Geothermal Energy on the Tiber Island”, a cinematic evening and an important opportunity for reflection on the prospects for the use of renewable energy, conducted by the green publicist Patrizio Roversi, which saw the participation of managers, scholars, technicians and entrepreneurs who exploit or use this important resource to carry out their activities especially in the Tuscan geothermal areas of the provinces of Siena, Grosseto and Pisa.

Present for Floramiata, the Chief Executive Officer, dott. Marco Cappellini and the Operations Manager, dr. Enrico Barcella; with them also some of the protagonists of the short film that received wide approval from the many present, an audience that showed keen interest and particular attention to the contents of the screening.

Piancastagnaio_Floramiata_Roma_Festival_Isola_Tiberina_20180831_DSC_6770“Earth Generation”, tells an exemplary story, which sees the protagonist work in the Tuscan area of ​​Amiata, where, hundreds of miners, they suddenly lost their jobs following the closure of the mining centers of cinnabar mining for the production of mercury. Precisely through the intelligent use of geothermal energy, Floramiata, one of the largest Italian flower companies, was born as a new work opportunity, where many former miners were reused as floriculturists. An exemplary story of the transition from the economy of land use to sustainable activities, in harmony with nature.
In addition to the Floramiata Executives, Enel Green Power took part in the meeting in charge of the geothermal sector, such as Eng. Francesco Lazzeri (manager of plants for the geothermal power plants of Tuscany), the television author and director Sergio Malatesta, who has always been linked to environmental issues with broadcasts such as Linea Verde (remember, among other things, his docu-film entitled “Green Generation “), Dr. Loredana Torsello, Responsible Manager Co.Svi.G .. With them some producers of the Tuscan geothermal areas such as Edo Volpi (Tuscan Ecological Brewery) representing the Food Community to Renewable Energies.
During the evening the “Energia libera tutti” docu-film produced by Co.Svi.G (Consorzio Sviluppo Aree Geothermiche) was also screened with the support of Enel Green Power and the direction of Bruno Santini and Leonardo Scucchi, which documents the current, promising, economic development also in the same region of Amiata, where geothermal energy, an inexhaustible source of clean energy, is also the basis of green enterprises that use geothermal heat in the processing of agricultural products, in crafts, in research and in many other fields of strategic interest.
Piancastagnaio_Floramiata_Roma_Festival_Isola_Tiberina_20180831_DSC_6861After the two projections, the interesting debate conducted by the excellent Patrizio Roversi, with the focus of the reflections on the relationship between business, environment and sustainable development through the proper exploitation and use of available energy, in this case geothermal. An interesting study that saw the participants agree to pay the utmost attention in researching and implementing the balance necessary not only for conservation but also for the improvement of the use of geothermal resources in business activities, while respecting the environment, or the health and safety of those who work.
Floramiata, through the interventions of Cappellini and Barcella, has strongly emphasized this company mission, confirming its firm will to become a “carbon free” company within a very short time, an example of how an industrial process can contribute to the environment and how the geothermal resource can best be managed.

At the end of the evening, a delicious tasting of the “Menu Geothermal” with the products of the geothermal supply chain of the Food Community to Renewable Energies; tastings of excellent local cheeses, salami and vegetables, “washed down” by craft beer produced in Sasso Pisano.
Then, the greeting of Floramiata and the tribute of Floramiata to the ladies present with one of its most significant productions, Anturium Andreanum, a plant with which the area of ​​the Green Island had been embellished.

(in the video – direct Facebook on the Amiatanews page – the in-depth debate conducted by Patrizio Roversi)

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