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“Earth Generation” a story that comes from the heart of the earth

At FLORMART the projection of the short “Earth Generation” produced by FLORAMIATA aroused great interest, it compellingly narrates the evolution of the utilisation of the geothermal energy of Monte Amiata.
The short, through the declarations of ex-miners, technicians, and with the fascinating images of the mining sites and greenhouses, narrates the story that at the beginning of the last century involved Val d’Orcia in an economic revival thanks to the extraction of cinnabar and mercury distillation. Afterwards unfortunately, it was discovered that said mining activity caused an unacceptable impact on the environment and health. Hence the closing of the mines, and the ideation of projects to use the same geothermal steam that originated the metalliferous deposits, to produce electric and thermal energy for the heating of greenhouses for the cultivation of ornamental plants.
The initiative obtained remarkable success and offered jobs to the ex-miners and new development opportunities to the entire valley. The procedure is simple and efficient: the residual steam of the power station, instead of being dispersed, allows the implementation of a closed cycle process, where 114 million kWh of geothermal energy coming from the heart of the earth, exchange their vital force allowing the plants to grow perfectly without altering the environment and saving annually the consumption of 9,570 tons of diesel that would have implied the emission of 30,491 tons of CO2. A magnificent example of sustainable development for the entire territory. After more than 30 years from its starting, the Floramiata project, which today employs about 90 dependents, constitutes an economically and ecologically virtuous initiative where the exploitation of the mines was replaced with a growth opportunity in harmony with nature. The ex-miners transformed into gardeners, draw support from the earth improving also the environment and its beauty.
The production of the short was borne by Floramiata in the person of the Chief Executive Marco Cappellini that on that occasion declared  “I strongly wanted to realise this short to preserve the historical memory of the founding of Floramiata tightly bound to the events of the territory, underline the historical value of the brand and give everyone an incentive able to improve the sense of belonging to a Company that has important technical, social, and environmentally sustainable values to be maintained and relaunched”.
“Earth Generation” was written by the authors Sergio Malatesta, Enrico Barcella and realised with the direction of the videomaker Piergiorgio Camilli; in the final part of the short, the appeal to the future generations was to use the resources of our planet to produce harmony and wellbeing instead of pollutants and greenhouse gases! Focal point: the reconversion of the valley, today a model of prosperity and sustainable future.