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Piancastagnaio, 14/09/2018

Press release

 At the presentation of the new catalogue 2019 Floramiata announces the nomination in order to become the first European “carbon free” floriculture company

 Floramiata September 20th, 2018 at 5 pm stand B74-2 Pad 5 


Floramiata will show the new “Catalogue 2019” Thursday September 20th, at 5 pm on the “green carpet” of Flormart at the stand B74-2 Pad 5.

The publication, with a captivating typographic look, summarizes the editorial features of the catalog and the company profile. width=

The company wanted to put on the cover the Anthurium as emblem of their productions of tropical green plants that form the productive base for the development lines of the new property, as the introduction note of AD Marco Cappellini underlines, in order to make Floramiata acquire a primary role in the Italian floriculture scene again. Such objectives will be achieved thanks to the expertise of its staff, ambitious development programs and the use of renewable energy derived from the geothermal source. A path that is attentive to the quality of the products but also to the sustainability of the production processes that will allow Floramiata to apply to be the first Carbon Free company in Europe, a record that means not to introduce CO2 into the environment more than it is subtracted. This important milestone will be possible using more strategies: from the employment of geothermal natural energy, using electricity derived from renewable sources, to implement water saving techniques, applying biological fight methods and using recycled raw materials. Floramiata’s 2019 catalogue deals with themes that all express a strong link with the territory: from the crisis in the mining sector to the construction of greenhouses and the story of food and wine excellences.  The pages dedicated specifically to the production of tropical plants contain compositions of artistic photographs and show the plants not only in the lots of the greenhouses or in particular details but such plants are also included in the home furnishing, giving useful suggestions about their origin, the best placement in the environment that hosts and cares for them.From Aglaonema to Yucca through the Anthurium, Beucarnea, Spatifillum, Dieffenbachia over 60 species are represented in an attractive way that expresses the high quality, robustness and uniqueness of a production based on cultivation techniques more and more attentive to the environment.