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Piancastagnaio, 3 September 2019

A positive 2018: profit rises to 731,000. Today there are 142 employees. Investments of over 6 million are planned. In November “Open Doors”. The bond with the territory is strengthened


A profit of 731,000 € compared to 568,000 in 2017; 142 employees with recent additions of qualified and graduated young people; over 6 million planned investments; about 8 hectares of new spaces dedicated to external nurseries with new greenhouses and technologically advanced production systems; a new and sophisticated software for the management of post-production phases such as warehouse management, shipping and billing; strengthening of marketing and communication activities.

These are the numbers presented by the Chief Executive Officer of Floramiata, Marco Cappellini, during the meeting with the press and television media. Numbers that tell of a management that is bringing back the Amiata flower-growing center in its role, that of the absolute protagonist of the reference market (tropical plants) through the commitment and attention to planning, renewal, innovation, training and a rediscovered enthusiasm that seems to involve the employees, that of the induced together with a newfound sensibility in the relationships with the territory.

“After our entry in the spring of 2017, that of 2018, is the first useful budget to actually verify our trend – debuted the Chief Executive Officer Floramiata Marco Cappellini – also through a careful analysis of all its components; we must however consider 2018, a definitely positive year that showed an operating profit of more than 730,000 euros compared to 568,000 in the previous year ”.

As a confirmation of the above, the data for the first half of 2019 also go in the direction of a constant improvement in the company’s profitability.

“A growth that goes in the direction desired by the company, our goal remains that of 2021, the year in which we would like to reach a balance sheet profit only through characteristic management, or rather that released from the very important benefits deriving from the use of renewable energy. A choice approved by the Board that aims, from that date, to dedicate the tax credit exclusively to investments, which have already begun since our entry, even to a considerable extent. For the first time, we have a budget that allows us to analyze industrial costs, plant by plant and divided by variety, so as to verify the individual margins that will allow us to progressively make changes to the programming by sharing the choices with the commercial area, the one of production and programming, keeping in mind what the market requires ”. 

Choices that the management intends to reinforce and expand the numbers and types of production also through the already started construction of the new external nursery which, upon its completion, will extend over a total area of ​​about 8 hectares, including greenhouses and plants technologically advanced with trained and qualified personnel. Already part of the nursery and the dedicated greenhouses are in production thanks to an agreement with the Giorgio Tesi Group of Pistoia, a company that is part of the Floramiata corporate package. With regard to employees, from the initial 78, today Floramiata has a workforce of 142 people, mostly residents of the Amiata area or immediately adjacent areas, the company’s preference in choosing recruitments.

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Many resumes have arrived, even from areas quite far from our headquarters, and this is a demonstration of how the company is regaining credibility. We are pleased to be able to add new workforce that, by choice, in the presence of the qualities sought, prefers the inhabitants of the territory “, highlighted Cappellini.

Much importance towards a measured marketing and communication strategy, in addition to initiatives and investments to strengthen the link between territory, company and product. With regard to trade fairs and in view of further development of the actions aimed at communication and marketing, the company is present in the most important events in the sector, both national (Padua and Milan), and international, such as IPM Essen in Germany. Still in this respect, Cappellini wanted to underline how important it is to also let the acquired or potential customers visit and live the company. For this purpose, for the middle of next November, an “Open Doors” is being planned.

“It is important for us, also through the digital communication channels offered by the web, to bring customers in Floramiata. We are working very carefully at the November event where we will host customers from Italy and abroad. We are carefully organizing their arrival, the reception in the company through the creation of a showroom with exposed plants that we produce; there will be a visit to the company with the presence of our sales representatives. An occasion where we want our guests to live an experience in contact with the territory and its peculiarities, confirming how the relationship with the company and production is essential ”.

There is optimism but there is still a lot to do. The meeting on Wednesday takes on a particular significance, as this time the budget numbers had to give clear indications much more than the partial ones that the 2017 budget could present. For this reason, the Chief Executive Officer Marco Cappellini and the Chief Operating Officer Enrico Barcella present at the meeting, wanted to present the company also in other respects. Probably, with the good results, the most evident aspect is the decided and well planned look at the future that Floramiata dedicates to a market that sees more and more open in the borders. On the other hand, the aforementioned numbers bear witness to this, the company is growing, profits are increasing and those of turnover are more important. The net capital is at least important and is added to the initial investment of the members, a consortium chosen with extreme care where each company makes its own contribution. The air is certainly different and one breathes more and more with pleasure, even among the Amiatini; more and more Floramiata is a protagonist in the territory, placing itself with a new form and substance towards it and contributing to its knowledge, enhancement and conservation, with the environmental commitment of becoming the first carbonfree nursery. Enhancement of personnel, motivation, investments, training, technology, innovation and a firm will towards a leading future. A highly qualified staff who, after difficult moments, returns to expressing their value with even more enthusiasm. In the numbers of the 2018 budget and those of the 2019 projections, we have seen this; a company that has returned to live with strength and belonging to the territory.

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