Spatiphyllum Martina

 In winter it needs a bright location, in summer a shaded one is better. Never in direct sun.


 From March to September three times a month with a complete liquid fertilizer. In the rest of the year once a month.


 Abundant in the summer period, in winter only the moist soil should be kept. In summer it is good to spray the leaves frequently.



VP/17 H= 80/90 CM

Spathiphyllum from the Greek “spatha” spathe and “phyllon” leaf, includes about 30 elegantly shaped tropical species. Their peculiarity is the total lack of stem: the leaves grow directly from an underground rhizome.
It belongs to the Aracenae family and is an evergreen plant from the tropical areas of America, Colombia and Venezuela, which grows on the edges of ponds and streams. It produces particular white flowers capable of resisting several weeks and which turn green before completely withering.

The Spathiphyllum Martina® variety is a Floramiata registered trademark, it is produced by meristem multiplication in the internal research laboratory.

According to a NASA study, Spatiphillum is a plant that is very effective for depolluting the air in homes. It is an excellent ally in the fight against the most common volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene, but it is also effective with toluene and xylene.