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Floramiata, present at the Flormart of Padua from September 26th to 28th

 width=Floramiata will be present at Flormart, the “International Nursery Gardening, Landscape and Green Infrastructure”, to be held on September 26th, 27th and 28th in the traditional site of the Padua trade fair . The event, now in its 70th edition, sees the participation of the most important entrepreneurial realities in the national and international horticultural sector, proposing innovative events in the three days to support the development and competitiveness of Italian nursery gardening and to orient the sector towards the values ​​of biodiversity and respect for the environment.

Very dear themes for Floramiata which mainly produces green and flowery indoor plants of tropical origin, through the use of the natural geothermal heat of which the Amiata is rich. Geothermal heat that allows to cultivate, at any time, plants at a constant temperature above 25 °; a condition that together with natural lighting, the use of mobile thermal screens and drip irrigation systems, allows the company to obtain a superior quality product with significant energy and water savings.

To this it must be added that the approximately 3,000,000 plants produced per year, capture over 600 tons of CO2 per year, corresponding to that captured by 55 ha of chestnut wood. A production cycle where the environment, product and territory are in unison and a basic reason in the choices of the company that aspires to become the first European carbon-free floricultural enterprise.

The company that closed the 2018 budget positively, increased its workforce , today equal to more than 140 units, is implementing a significant innovation action through important investments that are added to those already put in place. Among these, the use of a new and sophisticated software dedicated to post production operations (warehouse management, carting, shipping and invoicing), training plans and investments aimed at strengthening the quality of production that also draws value from a relationship with the territory , an ever more characteristic combination of corporate choices. Among the novelties, there is also the creation of an external nursery (about 8 hectares) and additional spaces for windows and doors heated by geothermal heat, in addition to the 24 hectares already present that exploit this type of natural resource in the area.


An edition of Flormart that will therefore see Floramiata among the main protagonists, presenting itself as a company that looks to the future by expanding its type of production through a decisive path of innovation, highlighting even more its attention to the environment, both as public spaces to the open that like indoor environments such as homes, offices and schools. Also this year, Floramiata will embellish the exhibition or representative spaces of the MiPAAFT and ANVE (National Association of Exporters Nursery) with its plants.

All this, it will be possible to learn about and learn more at the Flormart of Padua at the exhibition spaces of Floramiata at the Stand 21 of the 5.


Floramiata was presented at the Flormart after a 2018 and a first half of 2019 positive, with an important planning in terms of investments and technological innovations dedicated to the management and logistic sector, to communication, to the realization of new greenhouses at the service of an external nursery, as witnessed in the interviews released by the CEO Marco Cappellini and by the Director Enrico Barcella, to Marco Conti of Amiatanews