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A clear graphic layout, simple and intuitive interface, ample space for professional videos and photos are the key elements of our new website, that informs the web users about FLORAMIATA news.

The website tackles and develops the key factors of Floramiata’s success:

  1. The territory that hosts the company headquarters, Monte Amiata, and its social and geological characteristics thanks to which it is possible to heat the greenhouses with geothermal energy produced naturally in the subsoil. The profound tie between history and these places and our company has been narrated through a docufilm, wanted by the new direction of FLORAMIATA, that illustrates it through wonderful shootings, also aerial, and the words of the protagonists.
  2. The production of more than 300 different plants, belonging to about 60 green and flowered species, among which the Spathiphyllum, Anthurium, Scindapsus, Dieffenbachia, Schefflera, and Phalaenopsis stand out. Thanks to the possibility of cultivating plants at constant temperatures of over 25 degrees also during cold seasons, we obtain a top quality product all year round at very low environmental impact.
  3. The environmental sustainability of the production plants that exploit geothermal energy
  4. Research and development through the company meristematic multiplication centre

The website also has a section dedicated to company news in which the main news of the company and sector (for example the preview of the Dutch auction prices, technical news….) will be published.

Successively, an area with reserved access dedicated to the FLORAMIATA sales force will be realised; in it documents and information addressed to them will be published.

Our invitation is to visit to discover our “Love for NATURE”.