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Piancastagnaio Wednesday 31st October – Floramiata will be present at the Enel Green Power event “Centrali Aperte”.

From 9 am to 4 pm the geothermal power plant PC3 will be available to families and schools who want to discover how electricity is born from the heart of the earth.

Floramiata will take part to show how the residual heat of the power plant, instead of being dispersed, is transported by a pipeline from the Piancastagnaio 3 power plant to the “Casa del Corto” area and used to heat more than 27 hectares of greenhouses. This exchange of energy between the heat of the earth and the vital force of plants of tropical origin allows the Floramiata complex to grow its plants perfectly without altering the environment and saving annually the consumption of 9,570 tons of diesel that would have led to the emission of 30.491 tonnes of CO2. A magnificent example of sustainable development for an entire territory.

In the exhibition stand Floramiata will show its production with the beautiful Anthurium, a plant native to Central America characterized by a large heart-shaped, lacquer-red spatula, wrapped around a small cylinder, called spadix, thin and well erected by which the white or yellow flowers originate; there will also be the exclusive product of Floramiata, the Spathiphyllum Martina ™, obtained from meristem in the internal research laboratory; elegantly shaped plant enriched with beautiful white flowers that make it a precious piece of furniture. Besides these you can appreciate the Yucca, the Scindapsus, the Areca and the core business of Floramiata: the Dieffenbachia Tropic White.

Visitors can also enjoy a walk near the plant, discovering the cultural, artistic and eno-gastronomic excellences of the territory and the little ones can have fun with entertainment shows, music, games and moments of entertainment.