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POMARANCE 15/03/2019 — During the “global strike for the future” and after the appeal of Greta Thunberg to save the planet, not only the world strike of children against climate change, but also dozens of businesses and citizens of the geothermal areas of Tuscany they met to demonstrate in Pomarance, on the occasion of the planned stage of the famous Tirreno-Adriatico cycling race.

 width=Right at the beginning of the Pomarance cycling event, the representatives of the civil society movement of the yellow-green government showed that they excluded geothermal energy and high enthalpy from renewable energy sources, effectively cutting the sustainability of a confrontation that took thousands of people, with a large consumption of citizens, entrepreneurs and local sectors.

For months now the mayors of the Tuscan geothermal municipalities have tried to open a confrontation with the economic development minist (Mise) on the subject of incentives there for the production of electricity from renewable sources, after the government – through the draft decree Fer 1, currently being examined by the European Commission, it excluded geothermal energy from the calculation for the first time.




Geothermal Areas Companies Press Release



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