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In the Amiata village the tradition of folk songs is renewed with many guests and the choirs of the Maremma

From April 25 to May 1 in Santa Fiora (Gr) unique performances for the event organized by Vivodimusica with the support of the municipal administration and sponsored by Sorgenia

The popular song is the protagonist of Canta Fiora: for the second year the beautiful music and flowers invade the village of Santa Fiora, on the Amiata, to renew the May tradition.

From April 25 to May 1 the Amiata village, will be a real and its own “city with open arms” with nationally renowned artists who will alternate with the choirs of the Maremma and of course with the miners of Santa Fiora, ambassadors of the values ​​of this land as well as real hosts of the event. Everything comes from the songs of May during which the inhabitants open the doors of houses, cellars, farms to spontaneous groups of musicians and folk singers who offer songs and serenades, contrasts in the eighth rhyme and starlings in exchange for the proverbial hospitality of Amiata. tradition, the artistic director of Canta Fiora, Antonio Pascuzzo of Vivodimusica, has reshuffled the cards without distorting the “game” and so Canta Fiora, after the success of 2018 returns to animate the squares, the streets, the most beautiful and evocative places of small town chosen by Andrea Camilleri as “buen retiro”.

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There will be Roy Paci who fell in love with this small village perched on the Amiata, the toscanaccio Bobo Rondelli, Roberto De Nittis, Riccardo Di Vinci, Rossoantico, Vince Tempera, Flaco Biondini and Alessandro D’Alessandro, Ruggero de I Timidi, La Gabbia, The cellar singers, Gaia, Oriano and Ivan, the trio Goinba, Soong Taaba, the Choir of Amatrice, Bube and the Mazzacani of the attic, the Brigands of Maremma, the Choir of San Rocco, the Menestrulli of Pancole, the Pici ‘Gnoranti, the Monticellese, the Corale “PC Vestri “, the Filarmonica” G.Pozzi “and the students of the” Pratesi “Comprehensive in Santa Fiora.

Among the novelties of this edition is the Night of the serenades scheduled for Saturday 27 April, the Cantincantina, real musical happenings that will take place in different spaces of the country and the #MetticiEnergia Band, which gathers all the improvised singers called to perform in a great choir in Piazza Garibaldi. The appointment at the end of the evening “Sottolportone” is renewed, the tavern built at the door that connects with Piazza Garibaldi which will host “The Last Song”.

In other words, from April 25 to May 1, as a famous song by the choir of the Miners “Come to Santa Fiora … you are all invited”.


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