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we grow plants in natural conditions without any artificial treatment.


In Floramiata the watchword is NATURE.

Thanks to the improvement of production techniques and the favorable climate of our peninsula combined with the possibility of heating greenhouses with geothermal heat, it is easier for us to replicate the canopy of the tropical forest and recreate the most favorable conditions for the natural growth of our plants.


These structural assumptions and the refined cultivation techniques which do not distort the natural development cycle of the plant and which allow slow growth without any hormonal forcing, have meant that over time the “Floramiata” brand is closely associated with the production of ornamental plants with excellent robustness and a long shelf-life and capable of integrating harmoniously into the domestic environment for which they are intended.


Furthermore, Floramiata boasts a considerable stock of mother plants of Dieffenbachia, Aglaonema, Scindapsus and Spathiphyllum which allow for the self-production of a substantial part of the cuttings which are required annually for cultivation.