The Meristematic Multiplication Centre

Our flagship is the meristematic multiplication centre. Connected with eight climate-controlled rooms, an analysis laboratory, and three acclimatization greenhouses, allows studying and reproducing new varieties under accurate phytosanitary control conditions and the production of small plants in pot or paper pot.
Thanks to our research centre we can:

  • select and produce new varieties
  • multiply species difficult to propagate with traditional techniques
  • implement a strict phytosanitary control
  • activate electrophoretic monitoring of the variety genome

Continuous innovation

Those who love plants like we do know that the essence of life is growth, hence innovation is a fundamental asset of Floramiata. Thanks to the collaboration with experts, associations and universities, we are realising a production department dedicated to the reproduction of chestnut and hazelnut trees, and suitable for the mycorrhization of truffle plants.
We are working for the meristematic multiplication of hazelnut trees and grafted hazelnut on non-pollinating stems. Our objective is to provide certified plants
under the phytosanitary profile and variety family codification through electrophoretic tests.
For chestnut trees, we are prearranging the cultivation of grafted wooden rods with grafts coming from collections of protection associations of the entire country, with certification of variety family and product health control. Concerning truffle cultivation, the production is directed to the inoculation of forest and hazelnut plants, with specific tests to certify the presence of mycorrhization.