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Native plant of Colombia and Venezuela. It tolerate minimal winter temperature between 12° and14°C.


VP/15 H= 60 CM
VP/17 H= 80/90 CM
VP/19 H= 100 CM
VP/24 H= 110 CM

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Native plant of Mexico named as Christmas starand and belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. It’s a photoperiodic plant so it flourishes only with a certain number of light hours (8-9 at most) while in the other hours it should be in the dark. The Christmas Star is a plant that lives well in a fairly range of temperatures, between 14 and 22 ° C. He likes airy environments but no air currents.


VP/10 H= 20 CM
VP/12 H= 25 CM
VP/14 H= 40 CM
VP/17 H= 20 CM

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Ideal to be placed in sufficiently bright places without direct light.


Fertilize once a month.


Frequent watering but avoid stagnation of water in the saucer.

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It grows well in partially and completely shaded positions.



In the vegetative season regularly at least once a month with a complete liquid fertilizer.


The pots are placed on a saucer filled with gravel on the bottom of which a certain amount of water is always kept.

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Natives plants of Cina and Japan, they can be cultived In outdoors position sheltered against a wall or a hedge


VP/16 H= 50 CM
VP/20 H= 70 CM

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It needs light but not direct sunlight.




From may to september with a complete liquid fertilizer once a month.




Abundantly during the hot season, in winter to mantein just damp the soil.

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Native of oriental regions of Africa (Zanzibar, Tanzania). The name “zamiifolia” it means that the leaves are similar to Zamia. The adult plant can be reached and to exceed a meter in height. It is enought easy to mantein this plant in an apartement because it can be adapted in many conditions.


VP/17 H= 60/70 CM

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Native plant of South Africa; there are a lot of varieties with simple flowers and duble flowers, in mild climate regions it can be cultivate outdoors, it’s sufficent that the temperature does not drop below 5°-7°C.


VP/12 H = 30 CM

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Native shrub of Cina with a very fragrant flower, for have a summer flowering the winter minimal temperature must be of 12°C, for have winter flowering should not fall under 16°-18°C. It can be place outdoors in the summer season.


VP/14 H= 40 CM
VP/16 H= 50 CM
VP/17 H= 55 CM

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Dipladenia or Mandevilla Splendens is an evergreen plant from South America. It is grown in hanging pots or as a climber helped by tutors. In spring it produces a large amount of pink, red or white flowers in the shape of a trumpet with an intense yellow gorge. These plants can also be grown on land in areas where winter temperatures are fairly mild.


VP/14 H= 40 CM
VP/17 H= 55 CM

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Native plant of Mexico and Guatemala. In nature it reaches 15 meters in height. It tolerate low enough temperatures.


VP/12 H= 30 CM
VP/19 H= 45/30 CM
VP/21 H= 75/45/30 CM
VP/24 H= 90/60/30 CM
VP/27 H= 120/75/30 CM

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Lianiforme native plant of Mexico. It can tolerate a minimal temperature of 14°C.



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