Sterlizia Nicolai

3-4 hours of direct light a day, avoiding the central hours that could damage it. This is very important to being able to see its flowers


During spring through early fall three times a month with a complete liquid fertilizer. In the rest of the year once a month.


 Abundant in the summer period, in winter only the moist soil should be kept. In summer it is good to spray the leaves frequently.



VP/17 H= 75 CM
VP/21 H= 110 CM


Strelitzia Nicolai comes from the southern and subtropical parts of Africa.

It is often confused with the banana due to the similarity of the leaves and is distinguished by its flowers gathered on long stems colored in green, yellow, orange, red and blue: a mix of colors that recall the plumage of tropical birds. That’s why it is also known as the “Bird of Paradise”!