Native plant of Mexico named as Christmas starand and belonging to the Euphorbiaceae family. It’s a photoperiodic plant so it flourishes only with a certain number of light hours (8-9 at most) while in the other hours it should be in the dark. The Christmas Star is a plant that lives well in a fairly range of temperatures, between 14 and 22 ° C. He likes airy environments but no air currents.


VP/10 H= 20 CM
VP/12 H= 25 CM
VP/14 H= 40 CM
VP/17 H= 20 CM

For October and November, place the Christmas star every day in a dark place for 15 hours a day while during the hours of light leave the plant in a bright area of the house but not in direct sunlight. The rest of the year keep it in a bright place but not in direct sunlight.

From may to september fertilizing with a liquid fertilizer with high potassium and phosphorus mixed in irrigation water.

Water only when the soil is almost dry and avoid water stagnation in the underplat.