Marantha Variegata

Are cultivated in shaded places.To get healthy, well developed and colored leaves, it is advisable to keep the plant from April to September almost in the shade.


For spring and summer it is recommended to fertilize every 2 weeks using a liquid fertilizer that will be administered with irrigation water. In the other periods of the year, is enough once a month


Watering often to keep the soil constantly damp during the spring and summer period. The rest of the year reduce the watering to keep the soil just damp..




VP/17 H= 55 CM

Native plants from equatorial forest of Brazil and Guyana where they grow in shady places of the undergrowth. The leaves have the peculiarity to remain erect during the night and bend during the day to maintain humidity. They are fast growing plants for which they are indicated for those who have low patience with plants and want to see immediately the results . The optimal temperatures for a good cultivation of Maranta are between 20 ° C and 28 ° C.